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(Nominations for the 2019 Awards will open in Fall 2018)

*Please be sure to review nomination package details and criteria to ensure eligibility*/ClientCustomFiles/Org_91/WAM 2018/WAM Sponsorship Package Small Website.pdf




1. Please click on the following award categories below to open the appropriate nomination form. Be sure to download and save the form to your computer.

2. These PDF forms are fillable and will allow you to write directly on the form (note: to sign the document digitally in Adobe Acrobat, use the pencil tool which can be found under Tools, Comments & Markup).

3. Nomination submissions must consist of the following documents (PDF or DOC format):

- Signed and completed nomination form (see appropriate link below). Please provide only 1 nominator per submission. Only 1 submission will be accepted per nominee.

- Nominee profile (maximum of 120 words, approved by the nominee). Following review and editing, profiles will be made available to the media and published in the awards program.
- Letters of support, from sources other than the nominator (minimum 2, maximum 5).
NEW! 5 Tips for Writing an Effective Letter of Support: CLICK HERE
- Nomination package checklist (downloaded here)

Email all documents to ywhamilton.wod@gmail.com by Monday, November 6, 2017 (8:00 a.m.)Please include the name of the nominee and the award for which they are being nominated for in the subject line of the email.

4. You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days to confirm receipt. 

(Click on category titles to open form as a fillable PDF)

Arts | Culture | Design (DOC format)
This award honours a woman who enriches the community through her commitment to expression, preservation, promotion, and/or support of the visual, literary, multi-media, architectural, cultural heritage, or performing arts. She excels as a creator, but also uses her talents to promote the artistic efforts of others and to broaden community engagement in the arts. She promotes the value of the arts as integral to the life of the community.

Health (DOC format)
This award honours a woman who is committed to building healthy communities by elevating the value of physical, mental, or spiritual well-being. She demonstrates leadership in health care, athletics, recreation, and/or community programming, making a difference in her community by inspiring and empowering others to make positive changes in their lives.

Education | Mentorship (DOC format)
This award honours a woman who mentors and empowers others by giving them the tools they need to make positive changes in their lives. Her passion for life-long learning is exhibited through her dedication to mentorship. She serves as an inspiration to other women as she empowers them to do great things. She leverages her own achievements by paving the way for future leaders and motivating others to seek knowledge and opportunities.

Business Leadership | Entrepreneurship (DOC format)
This award honours a woman whose achievements in the corporate sector or as a business owner show her commitment to excellence in the business world. She has a proven track record of innovation, sustainability, and profitability in her field, leveraging her success to advocate for and to elevate other women in business. She has demonstrated leadership within her company or among her employees, facilitating change and opportunities whenever possible.

Community Leadership (DOC format)
This award honours a woman who has improved and enriched the lives of others in her own community. She is an influential leader through paid work or volunteerism in the private, public, or not-for-profit sector. She may work in the area of public affairs, women’s rights, intercultural relations, social justice, or peace. By harnessing her time, talent, and the capacity of others, she is a visionary trailblazer who is a source of strength for her community. She has created positive and meaningful social, economic, or political change in her community.

Science | Technology | Trades (DOC format)
This award honours a woman who is dedicated to the pursuit of scientific, technological, or industrial advancement. She is a trailblazer who could excel in one of many fields, including engineering, applied sciences, social sciences, life sciences, technology, or a skilled trade. She recognizes the importance of elevating women in non-traditional occupations, using her own accomplishments and experiences to lead by example and to create future opportunities for women in her field.

Young Woman of Distinction (DOC format)
This award honours a young woman between the ages of 18-25 who shows leadership at school, in the community, and/or in her workplace. She demonstrates perseverance, innovation, and a keen understanding of community issues, inspiring others to follow her example. This exceptional young woman is committed to a cause or the pursuit of a personal dream. She will continue to inspire us for years to come.

Outstanding Workplace (DOC format)
This award recognizes a business or organization* that supports and responds to the diverse needs of its employees, supporting them as they balance the demands and rewards of career, family, and community. This workplace acknowledges the challenges its female employees may face, and proactively supports the success and advancement of women in its workplace. It fosters professional development and mentorship, supports employee volunteerism and community initiatives, and promotes health and wellness among employees.
*This award recognizes a business or organization as a whole, not a specific employee. One person will be the nominee contact in terms of communications, though up to 3 individuals will receive complimentary tickets to attend events as representatives of the workplace.

Lifetime Achievement*
This award honours a woman who is 55 years or older who has made significant and varied contributions to the community in any of the Women of Distinction award categories (with the exception of Outstanding Workplace and Young Woman of Distinction). She is a role model who has tirelessly contributed to the community in many ways, for many years, as an advocate, volunteer, and/or mentor. She exhibits strength, wisdom, and character that serve as an inspiration to those around her.
*Please note that the Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded to those who qualify in another award category (with the exception of Outstanding Workplace and Young Woman of Distinction). Please see the nomination forms above where nominees may also be considered for this award if eligible.

If you have any questions about your Women of Distinction nomination, please contact:

Mirela Marceta

Event Coordinator
Phone: (905) 522-9922 x 171
Email: MMarceta@ywcahamilton.org